quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2008

No more Portuguese schools named after Christian saints

The Portuguese socialist government headed by PM Jose Socrates has informed that a new law forbidding Christian saints names applied to public schools will be in force soon. Traditionally some Portuguese public schools were named after Christian saints, and the social Marxist Jose Socrates intends to change the public schools names which have a Christian saint named after.

After the new law is published, the Marxist Jose Socrates prepares himself to forbid the traditional Christian holidays and remove Christian cultural traces from Portuguese national heraldry symbols.

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  1. We have similar struggles with atheists trying to impose their religion on society in the UK. Some of our public schools are financially assisted by the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, and there are a few Sikh and Muslim assisted Schools. This means that although the school is part of the state system, the relgious group provided additional money and in return is invloved with the management and policies of the school, and also allows the school to allocate places to children of it's own religion before children of other religions or of no faith. I can understand why people say that this is unfair, and they are trying to remove religious influence form schools.

    But this is just part of a much wider movement to exclude christianity form public life.

    Will Socrates try next to change the name of every Portuguese village named after a saint? Will he change his own name (Jose)?